The WARPATH Experience

5-6 Hours, 7-10 Miles of Combatives, Medicine, and Survival Skills.

October 21, 2018
Phoenix, AZ

We challenge you to develop your skills and push your boundaries in this 1-Day immersion event. We will teach you unarmed and armed combatives, strength & endurance, ditch medicine, and bushcraft survival.
All participants will receive a certification in Bleeding Control (BCON) in accord with the Stop the Bleed initiative and American College of Surgeons.

Complete the event and you’ll find out that WARPATH is a way of life and a tribe with some of the best people seeking to attain optimal proficiency in combat arts, athletic performance, and outdoor survival skills.

- Reality Based Curriculum
- Combat Striking
- Knife Fighting
- Multiple Opponents
- Strength & Endurance
- Emergency Medicine
- Bushcraft Survival

WARPATH has created a list of required items, recommended items, and prohibited items. At all points during the event your ruck must weigh at least 30 pounds excluding food and water.